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C-more Sample Projects
The following is a list of sample projects which you are encouraged to download. Use them to get aquainted with the features and capabilities of C-more. Use them as a starting point for your own C-more projects. Use them any way you can!
These samples are provided with no guarantees or warrantees, written or implied Use them at you own risk. You are solely responsible for creating a safe and functional Operator Interface for your machinery. Please follow all applicable safety guidelines, and use caution when working around industrial machinery.

Sample Project - Recipe
This sample shows the use of the recipe object to load values for 9 separate PLC tags with the push of a single button, up to 99 can be programmed; three different recipe objects are shown.

Sample Project - Animation
This sample shows 6 different types of animation; point-to-point moves, X-Y axis moves, size change, rotation, visibility, and movement along a path. Sample also shows the use of a Background Screens and a Pop-up Screen Selector Object.

Sample Project - Multi-state Bitmap
This sample shows animation with the Multi-state Bitmap object. 16 different bitmaps are loaded into the object and it changes state as a tag value increments. Sample also show simple recipe buttons with only one value (animation speed) changed per recipe button.

Sample Project - Multi-Animation Objects
This sample shows multiple animation objects with visibility and rotation actions. This is the example animation that is shown in the C-more help files. Additional explanation is provided in the project.
Sample Project - Alarms and Events
This sample shows various alarm functions, as well as different types of events.

Check back soon for more sample projects!
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